Sunday, October 18, 2009

Meet Loki the Felt Monster

I've been seeing handmade felt monsters everywhere on etsy. I've been hard at work decorating my newborns nursery so naturally I was inspired to make my own.

Meet Loki, he's a lovely shade of blue and grey, thinks with his corazon; not his brain, secretly speaks spanish and suffers from insomnia! Loki has a hefty appetite, his favorite meal is tiny infant socks, which explains all the white fibers around his mouth and fangs.



I drew, cut and stitched him up all by myself. I had forgotten why I didn't like to make these lil guys. I have no patience when it comes to hand stitching as I feel it takes forever. It took me quite a few hours to finish him and I kept pricking my fingers, ouch! Sewing is not for me. I'll stick to paper goods!

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